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    Question about paragraphs, images and URLs

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      1) Please can somebody tell me the best way to make paragraphs in a dynamic website. ie. If I paste a certain amount of text directly into a cell in a table of a database then the paragraphs will be removed and the text will become one big block because there are no paragraph tags in the written text. So how do I add a bunch of written text without having to manually add paragraph tags? Do I need to make a form first in php which will add paragraph tags dynamically or is there a different way?


      2) Also can somebody please help with the idea of images in a dynamic site. Currently, for a particular record, I type the name of an image (which is stored in my images folder) into the 'image' field (which is just a text field) in my mySQL database. The php code adds this name to the image tag on my website which then creates a full link to the image in the images folder. My question is: Is this a good way to go about doing this? Currently I do this manually as the site is small but what would be a better method? Should I create a form where I upload an image to the images folder whilst simultaneously taking the image name and adding it into the 'image' field in my database table?


      3) On a website like Wikipedia, where the content is all stored in a tables of databases, the URLS of the pages are still very regular and standard (if you understand what I am trying to say) whereas in my website to display different data I would append a value or ID to the URL and then run queries to take information from the database to populate a template page. Is this a fine way of doing this? How would I get a website where every pages seems to possess it's own name or identity but still be dynamic? If one wanted to add a new page to the website then would one just use a form to create a new document with a particular name, which uses a particular template (/includes), as well as creates a record in the database - after the creater adds information and confirms then a new webpage would be created as well as a record in the database? Or is this all done a very different way?


      Hopefully someone can help clear this up for me.


      Thanks for your time.