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    Hi, I have some problems with Flash Player!


      Hi, I'm  another user with problems. Sorry for my english but I'm Italian!

      I have some problems with a particulary site (chatroulette).

      Yesterday, I had problems with all the video that I was trying to see. I did all to find the solution, I uninstalled Adobe flash player-shockwave player- mozilla-chrome-safari and I cleaned all the pc with CCleaner and reinstalled the plugins, I tried to disactive one flash player plugin but nothing to do.

      Now the video on youtube, facebook, some streaming that I see, all go!

      This morning, I tried again to enter on chatroulette (don't say nothing for this, and this is an example of site) and I entered!!! When I closed the browser and re-opened my browser was blocked : this is strange, one min before this all normal and later all blocked.

      Now when I try to enter in this chat, all the browser block and if I wait appear a problem: The plugin has been a crash (I translated the problem with translator of google) and I need to close the process of Mozilla/Safari/IE/Chrome (i tried in all).

      I can't understand WHY this morning entered NORMALLY!!!

      Please help me!!!

      I use windows 7 and I have the latest version of Mozilla-chrome-drivers of pc- adobe.

      Another strange thing: now i uninstalled and re-installed again, but when i enter on chatroulette or youtube says me that i need plugins.

      HELP ME!!!