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    Ae/Pr CS5 how to properly set up a project


      Alright so I'm just wondering on housekeeping here: I'm starting a new project and I want to create seperate chapters ect; do you just put all the clips into one timeline into Pr and leave black space between or put them on a different track and then assign DVD markers or do you create different projects and load them into En and use three different time lines there?


      The chapters or timelines would be Main movie; Special features; Bloopers ect.....


      Just wondering what is the best way to set this all up obviously for efficiency you would just randomly throw them all into one timeline one track in Pr create propper markers then off to En; to be better organized you would import the main footage; Edit; import SF to sepperate track after main footage and repeat; this would be my preference as an additional project seems to be excessive but I'm not sure if En can interpret that or not.