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    Need a help in adding customized properties to component.


      Need a help in adding customized properties to component and make use of the properties in the template in which the component was used. This is like to configure some key & values in component level which is configured by admin user the at the time of component creation.

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          MatheusOliveira Level 1



          What exactly do you want to do?

          Can you explain the situation?


          The properties you can add to a component by CRX DE (Lite or no), by right-clicking in the component, selectiong "New" > "Propertie", or just right-click a empty line bellow the components on Properties dialog and clicking on "Add new".


          Most of the properties of the components define only it's type, parents or structure and system node values. Don't know exactly how to create "keys and values" properties to use on your application, maybe is the same way.

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            palani046 Level 1

            Hi MatheusOliveira,


            I really want to know how add a property with my own key values and make use of the values inside the page I have created. For example, I want to create my own template and map it with a component. At last I want to create a page which use the template I created. As you know we may set properties in design level and use it in the page. but my intention is to configure some more properties in development time. It is like to do configure once and use the values in pages which the component used.


            Yesterday after I post this message in forum. I sorted out the way of adding additional properties to JCR node that is created in root path /content.


            for example, I got a JCR node by name as mytestpage under the content (content/mytestpage/jct:content). There I clicked on the property tab and added new properties as key values with relevant type. I got the value in the component JSP as Properties.get("key").


            I guess this may explain you what I expected... I am very new to this Adobe CQ environment and my post may not be more accurate..Thanks for your reply..


            As next step I am trying to add property in component level ..


            for example. I am going to create a component and I will configure some values in component level. As explained the value should be used in page level from component properties.


            To be more clear the sample I got yesterday was storing the properties in JCR nods of the page and as next I am going to store values in component and make use of it.


            Thanks again..

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              justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

              Have you looked at http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/howto/components_develop.html?


              You also might want to sign up for CQ Developer training. You can see a schedule here: http://bit.ly/Hpqgcs