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    Not working on XP

    zepper20 Community Member

      In Windows XP the latest beta Flash11.3 has horrible sound, it's crackling and in and out. Can't use it at all.


      Also for Windows 7 it appears you're forcing the sandbox to use it. That may not be a bad thing but for now since I've got a portable Firefox that's run in all of my operating systems I prefer to place the player in the plugins folder but that's no longer possible in Windows 7 as it won't work there. Looks like I'll be staying with 11.2 for sometime yet.   

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          WLAD.WLAD2010 Community Member

          Привет!Да и у меня тоже самое Скажите пожалуйста как это исправить?


          Hi! Yes and I have the same please Tell me how to fix this?


          Я вчера поставил и обнаружил проблему со звуком.(если смотреть видео с звуком(разумеется) или слушать муз через инет(браузер(вообщем где задействован хоть как то  флеф-плеер) звук какой то с разрывами(слушать не возможно).... Это как и в флеше для [ie] так и на других браузерах. Пробовал на [firefox],[aurora],[opera],[chrome],[ie], Opera Next 12.00 1351, Maxthon 3 и даже на Lunascape6 не на одном из этих браузерах звук не был нормальным. :(

          Наверное будем ждать беты 2. Потом Я попробую поставить бету 2 если будет тоже самое, наверное придётся ждать релиза а в бету лезть не нужно.

          У кого такая же проблема? Если как то исправили её напишите пожалуйста как?


          I had put it yesterday and found a problem with sound.(if you watch the video with sound(of course) or listen to the muses through the Internet(browser(generally where used at least as a флеф-player sound some with gaps(not listen possible).... It's like in the flash to [ie] and on other browsers. Tried the  [firefox][aurora][opera][chrome][ie]

          , Opera Next 12.00 1351, Maxthon 3 and even on Lunascape6 not in one of these browsers sound was not normal.

          I guess I will wait for beta 2. Then I try to put the beta 2 if it is the same thing, probably have to wait for the release and beta climb is not necessary.

          Have anyone the same problem? If as you fix it please write how?


          Жду ответа...

          С уважением Владислав.


          Waiting for reply...

          With respect Vladislav.

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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            Let's tackle these issues one by one.


            Flash Player Protected Mode on Win7 and Vista in Firefox Portable


            Flash Player Protected Mode offers significant security improvements for Firefox on Windows Vista and Win7. 


            We've actually been doing some testing in Firefox Portable, and it works for me on Win7 x64.  It's not a mainstream use-case that I would recommend to casual end-users, or something that we see a lot of interest in from the general public.


            When you tried this out, did you move FlashPlayerPlugIn.exe and NPSWF32.* over to the FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins?


            Audio Artifacts in Flash Player 11.3 Beta 1


            A couple other threads on this subject indicate that the issue has been resolved in Beta 2. 


            If the issue persists, please file a bug at https://bugbase.adobe.com/.  Include a direct link to a page that reproduces the problem.  If we can't reproduce it, we can't debug it effectively.



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              zepper20 Community Member

              Glad to see that the developers are reading these threads...


              Re: Windows 7: with beta 1 no I did not copy in FlashPlayerPlugIn.exe, just the usual NPSWF32.* but today I did do that and it works again.


              The only minor problem that I could see was that FlashPlayerPlugIn.exe keeps running in Firefox even after finishing the flash video and turning off javascript, at least on youtube. Ending it in Task Manager crashes the browser so the only way to shut FlashPlayerPlugIn.exe down is to close Firefox. I see no reason to keep that running if Flash is no longer being used but it may be something with Firefox and will have to be posted in their forums as well.

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                WLAD.WLAD2010 Community Member

                Hi! Have you but in beta 2 this problem has a little bit worse. Sound a little more intermittent. Is not it possible that all this is the end.... I Have to life sit on the final version

                I hope You will fix this problem...

                And yet You have written if the problem still is that which file the error You provide where his take the file?

                And by the way, no Matter what link or video or song, everywhere, the sound is not correct (damaged)!!!

                Waiting for reply...

                With respect Vladislav.   =)


                Привет! У вы но в бете 2 эта проблема еще на немного хуже. Звук еще немного сильней прерывистый. Не ужели это всё на этом и закончится.... Придётся всё жизнь сидеть на финальной версии

                Надеюсь Вы исправите эту проблему...

                И еще Вы писали если проблема еще есть то какой файл ошибки Вам предоставить где его взять файл?

                И кстати, не Важно какая ссылка или видео или песня, везде звук не правильный(повреждённый)!!!

                Жду ответа...

                С уважением Владислав. =)

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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  The audio problem is a known issue.  It is fixed in our daily development builds.  You will get the fix in the Beta 3 release.


                  In the meantime, please revert to a production version of Flash Player to avoid the issue.






                  Аудио проблемы является известная проблема. Он закреплен в нашей повседневной версии развития. Вы получите исправить в Beta 3 версии.

                  В то же время, пожалуйста, вернуться к серийной версии Flash Player, чтобы избежать этого вопроса.


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                    WLAD.WLAD2010 Community Member

                    Hi! Thank you that you have finally found the problem and fix it. I have to sit on the final version, (I'm on beta't sit because of this problem (because I every day and almost the whole day watching video and listening to the song)).

                    Waiting for the beta 3...

                    You all the best, I love Adobe (that's right, not what you think I'm normal, I'm just glad).

                    And one more thing thank you that translate into Russian of me so easily.

                    Waiting for...

                    With respect Vladislav.


                    Привет! Спасибо что вы наконец нашли проблему и исправите её. Мне и приходится сидеть на финальной версии,(Я на бете не сижу из за этой проблемы(поскольку Я каждый день и почти весь день смотрю видео и слушаю песни)).

                    Жду беты 3...

                    Вы все лучшие, Я люблю компанию Adobe(это так, не чего не подумайте Я нормальный просто Я рад).

                    И еще одно спасибо что переводите на Русский мне так легче.


                    С уважением Владислав.


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