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    Default 'Save As/Open As', et al...default to arrange by "Name" query


      In Adobe 3.0...it driven all of us nuts at the station:)


      I'm using and cutting my own daily shows on 5/5 (OSx)--however, the AM show I'm cutting on Widows w/3.0 at Clear Channel. Obviously, with dozens of users comes dozens of folders...unfortuantely, a couple of fruitcakes that DON'T save to a folder and leave out in the open (on said drive)...tend to clog up the dialog box. For some reason ours is defaulting 'backwards' I guess...the only way I can explain it. It may be defaulting to "Type", not sure....but each time I "Save As" or "Open As" I have to right click to rearrange by name.

      Any way to do this as the 'default' setting? I'm savvy on both Windows and OSX...so if there is another place to do this in the OS, please let me know!


      Thanks for your time!


      PS...any other radio groups had success convincing the 'Suits' to purchase Macs in their Prod departments? I'm really, REALLY enjoying Audition 5.5 on my Macs (for my own business)--after 20 years of PCs, we made the switch with our Husband/Wife business to Apple just over 6 years ago...but always had to have a partition for Windows in order to run Auditon. Thanks for the release of Mac Audition on 5.5 Adobe...much appreciated:)