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    CS5 and Lightroom 4-different camera raw versions


      Lightroom 4 has a camer raw version 7 and my CS5 has 6.7? Trying to figure out the easiest way to get them both to be 6.6 which appears to be the latest versions and I have no idea how I got the versions I have. When converting from lightroom to CS5 the photo don't look the same and I assume this is the reason why. So, what do I need to delete to get these versions the same?

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          The ACR 6.7 is a beta which should be superceeded by the final relase soon. In terms of LR4 yes it's based on ACR 7 from the upcoming Photoshop CS6 (whose beta is out) but there is no way to back LR4's version down...


          When opening from LR4 into Photoshop CS5 you should select the option to Render in Lightroom. That will have LR4 correctly render the image into Photoshop.