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    Folder hyperlink issue again - code reads differently in Reader than in Acrobat Pro

    maestrodog1 Level 1

      So when I use Acrobat Pro, and paste a link to a server folder, the link works correctly. (I have to copy the folder link and then put "file:" in front of it to make it work, but it works).


      For example, if I paste the text:


      file:\\cgi\shares\Departments\Operations\Document Control,


      a window opens up in Firefox and goes to:


      file:///\\cgi/shares/Departments/Operations/Document Control


      which is correct and shows the folder structure and available files to open.


      However, when the same link is pasted into Acrobat Reader, the link comes up (after a couple of warning messages),


      file:///shares/Departments/Operations/Document Control


      which is not correct and only yields a blank page.


      I need users to be able to open the server folder from Acrobat reader.


      Using Windows 7, Firefox 11,0, LS 9.0, Acrobat Reader X 10.1.2.