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    Images missing in project folder

      Hi you all,

      I have created a big project in RB5 with 166 images included in the topics. Everything was fine.
      When I just opened this particular project the images appear to be ok (you see them in the topics). But when I look in the 'images' folder in the project, I am missing 80% of the used images (I only see 17 images!). If I locate the 'images' folder on our network server, they all are there.

      - 'missing' images are .jpg .gif and .png (at random)
      - restoring location doesn't help: go to 'missing' image in topic > go to image properties (right click) > image name is correct (../images/edit24.png), preview is ok (right), but image not in the project folder (left). I click OK and save the project > image is back in the 'images' folder in the project! BUT when I re-open the project, it's gone again.

      Help me! What should I do? And how is this possible??
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Elsa55 and welcome to the RH community.


          Originally posted by: Elsa55
          If I locate the 'images' folder on our network server...

          This sounds like you have your source files located on a network drive. RH does not work well over a network as it uses an underlying Access database which are proun to problems that magically disappear as soon as you move the source to a hard drive.
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            Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
            I have a problem that sounds very similar to the original post, and I'm wondering if there was a solution.

            My files are all on my local hard disk, and definitely nothing "special" being done by network guys.

            After upgrading to RH7 and deleting the CPD file, 70-80% of images are not showing up. When I rename the Images folder to something else, the missing files show. But if I delete the CPD file again, the problem recurs. As multiple people may be working on the project, and we've found it best to delete the CPD file if someone else has worked on the project, this will be a huge problem.

            A work around that seems consistent is to change the Images folder name to Img2. This retains the missing files correctly. However, having this folder name just doesn't seem very elegant.

            Has anyone else encountered this, or can anyone think of a reason why ONLY Img2 correctly lists all image files? (I've also tried Img1, Screenshots, Pictures, Pictures1, and they all "forget" a whole bunch of the images...)

            Thanks for any help for this obscure problem.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              That sounds like you are viewing your images via the traditional RH view. If you are, click the top left icon in Project Manager when the images should show in the folder where they are actually stored, as in Windows Explorer.

              Why Img2 should work when all else fails is a mystery.

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                I discovered the different views while investigating this issue. It occurs in both views.

                I also ran the Used and Unused Files and Images reports, and the images all show up correctly in the Used Files report and with the correct topics listed in the Images report.

                I also thought maybe it was an issue with a long directory name, but trying again with a short path straight off the C: drive also showed the same behaviour.

                The HTML code for both images looks the same, apart from some minor variation in the placing of the style information. I tried removing and re-adding the images in RH7 to see if the same code might fix it, but no luck.

                One other point is that if one image from a topic is missing from the list, all the images from that topic are missing from the Images list. I'm in the process of creating the topics afresh, to see if that makes a difference, but I'm not holding my breath.


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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi all

                  Okay, is maybe the whole issue here one of simple naming confusion? It seems odd to me that one would create a folder named Images. This would seem to confuse the issue. In the RoboHelp HTML Classic view, one sees the "Pseudo" or "Virtual" folder named Images. And if one were to create a new folder in RoboHelp HTML and name it "Images", one would see the following folders in Classic view.

                  ** Images

                  What would seem to confuse the issue further is what would happen when new images were added to the project. By default, the images go to the root level of the project. This would cause them to appear in the "Images" folder but NOT ** Images (asterisks used for purposes of indenting).

                  Is there any way you can share this project? If not, can you duplicate the issue in a dummy project you might share?

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    amebrbe Level 1
                    When the project was originally created (back about RH v9) it was decided not to keep all the images in the root directory. We normally save our images to our Images folder, then Browse to that directory to add it into the first topic. Once referenced in the topic, it is listed in our Images folder, as you said with the two Images hierarchy. This has worked fine up until this upgrade to RH7.

                    I also thought naming confusion might have been the case, which is why I tried renaming the Images folder to a variety of different things. However the only one that seems to stick is Img2.

                    I've also belatedly remembered to check another images directory, which is located a couple of folders down (this is for admin specific images). This is also missing files. And again, the only folder name that correctly displays all images after deleting the cpd is Img2. (why do I always find the weird things?? )

                    The current project is probably too big to share easily. I'll see if I can recreate in a new project, but I suspect I won't be able to. I'll let you know how it goes.

                    Edit: Okay, with the admin images folder, if I rename it Images, I get a few more images than when it is Admin_Images. Img3 also seems to give me the full list, while Img1 gives me the same list as Admin_Images...I think I'm getting more confused.