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    Had found workaround for PGC errors - they are back 2 years later

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      I've been looking through the solutions to pcg errors and not finding what i need.

      A couple of years ago I was getting these messages and looked them up here, found a workaround that I've been using since then. All of the sudden the problem is back and none of the workarounds work.

      My workflow is as follows:

      Create a timeline in Premiere and export as m2v (for dvd) import into encore add menu and burn. This has worked many many times. When it first started happening i employed the workaround of moving the m2v and wav files to a different folder (without the other files). Like I said this has worked for a couple of years. Now I keep getting error message referencing the last few frames of the timeline.

      When I bring the m2v file into encore there is an extra approx. 9 minutes of black at the end of the timeline (there should only be 30 seconds of black). When I look at the file in a media player the extra black isn't there.

      Does anybody know what to do here? Currently I am reexporting all timelines from premiere as .avi files and will try transcoding them in Encore (this worked the other day), but I have 6 hours worth of footage to retranscode now - so much wasted time.


      Please help.