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    Can Not Batch Capture in Premiere Pro CS5.5 on Mac


      I running Premier Pro CS5.5 om a Mac Book Pro running the lates version of OSX Lion. When I attempt a batch capture everything is logged correctly and the media is offline on a Canon XHA1s Video camers conected via Fire wire. When click batch capture the sysytem starts and stops right away say batch capture is complete however nothing is captured. In the batch captur log is stats Error unable to locate media. If I just hit the record button in the capture window everything records and is captured just fine. If I take the same camera and tape and plug it in via firewire to a windows laptop running Premiere Pro CS5 with the same capture settings it will batch capture just fine. I have called customer support several times and still have not been able to resolve the problem. Any help woud be appreiciated....Thanks Victor