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    "An unknown error occurred" - One possible reason


      I found a repeatable REASON why I was getting this message. See if you have the same results:



      Concise problem statement:

      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1. Click in a meta data field of a clip and make a note (i.e. description or comment). Do NOT press enter or return.

      2. Use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll up or down; or use two-finger scroll on magic trackpad.

      3. Adobe reports "An Unknown Error occurred"

      Results: Premiere Crashes

      Expected results: Premiere to NOT crash!



      If you type a meta data field and hit return, the error does not occur.


      My Stats

      Premiere Pro CS5.5.2

      OSX 10.7.3

      Using DV footage (converted from Cineform using Adobe Media Encoder)