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    socket.io help please


      I've been asked to build a flash/AS3 app which displays JSON formatted data from a web socket


      I've been told the HTML5 version (that i don't have access to) does the following:


      uses a web socket and JSON formatted messages obtained by opening a socket back to the server and setting up a handler for receiving dynamics messages


      in the HTML5 version the following code happens:

      // Make a socket connection and wait to receive data

      webSocket = io.connect(webSocketHost + ":" + webSocketPort);

      webSocket.on('dynamics', onDynamics);


      // Subscribe to data

      webSocket.emit('subscribe', intersectionName);


      This is outside of my comfort zone, but there's no-one else to action this.


      I've read up on socket connections and IO, Blaze etc etc but everything seems to utilise a huge amount of code but the HTML5 version only has the 3 lines above.


      Could someone point me towards an example or talk me through the AS3 (preferably not Flex) equivalent please?


      thanks for anything, Rich