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    User unable to sign document with epad after extending features (Permission Error)


      Here's my situation;


      I've provided a form for a user that has an epad to sign the document, the pdf itself has had text and signature fields added in LiveCycle, and within Acrobat Pro 9 the features have been extended. The user is still receiving the following; "The security settings on this document prevent adding text and/or placing a signature on it from Adobe Reader. To fill and sign this document you need to print it out."


      What have I missed? From what I've understood in researching this, extending the features in Acrobat Pro should be enough to allow a user in Reader to sign the document.


      Can provide file if need be.



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          AmbooS Adobe Employee

          Your user should go to Extended pane in Reader to apply a digital signature to the Reader extended PDF.


          The user is probably trying to use the Sign pane in Reader which has some options disabled according to the document permissions. The new Sign pane in Reader is an integration with Adobe EchoSign service in the sense that it enables an end user to fill-up documents, electronically sign and then send a PDF document, without having the need to print them. The Sign pane provides two options to the user:

          1 - Fill and Sign: Here the user can place text using 'Add Text'. Users can add arbitrary text to a PDF, eg. in documents where Reader cannot interact with the document even though the document looks like a form, in forms where user cannot save the filled-up form. In such cases the only option a user has is to print the form, fill it and then fax or fedex the filled up document to the author or scan it and send it electronically. Using the Sign pane in Reader, a user can add text and also electronically sign the document (this is not the same as digital signature) using an image of their signature. He can create a 'signature' from a scanned paper which has user's handwritten signature and place it on the PDF.

          2 - Send for Signature: Here the user is sent to EchoSign for collecting signatures from others.


          Hope that helps.