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    Smart objects no longer scale


      I can't figure out a reasonable explanation for this, but Smart Objects previously created no longer scale properly. These objects have live type and vector shapes in them, but they behave just like raster elements. These objects scaled properly in the past, and I can only think a setting has broken somewhere.


      I've tried restarting, trashing the prefs and creating a new object just to see what would happen, but to no avail...


      Has anyone else run into this? Open to any suggestions, thanks!

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          This has been answered before. If you transforn a smart object layer it is indeed transforms like a raster layer for Photoshop first renders pixels the smart object  then transform the rendeded image.  If you want the change the size of the embedded object and keep the quality high you need to update the smart object itself.  If the embeded object has vector and text layers then using Image Size on the smart object will do the trick. In the layers palette double click on the layer's little smart object icon. Photoshop will onen the embeded smart object in Photoshop for you to work on.  Use Images size and increase it size to the size you need it to be in the document your working on. Then use menu File>Save and then menu File>Close.  During the "Save" Photoshop will update the embedded smart object in your document to reflect the size change.  The "Close" will close the temp work document opened for you to work on.