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    Video Files - What kind can I link to?

    namedujour Level 1

      Our Marketing Dept. just asked me to publish our TV commercials from a Robohelp project. Can I do this? If so, what kinds of video files can I link to? Can I upload them as baggage files?



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          You didn't mention your RH version?! I'll assume you have RoboHelp 9

          This is relatively easy. Use the Insert > Multimedia command and locate the video file.

          Most popular video files are supported, but the most popular are .FLV (Flash Video), .MP4, .MOV (Quicktime).

          There will be a very simple "Playbar" which will overlap the bottom of the video for the user to control.

          No matter which video format you use, the end-user's browser will need to support a default "player" to play the video type (Flash Player and Windows Media are most common).

          The video will be automatically imported into"Multimedia" folder in your Project Manager (instead of Baggage). When you publish your project to the web server, the video file will go along for the ride.


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