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    Adobe Authentication Failure with ereader account


      Ok I am having so much trouble with my e reader account. I can log into my account but can not buy/download books as it asks for me Adobe ID.


      My adobe ID account was set up orginally under a different email address which I no longer have access to, I set up a new one with my new email address. When I log in to the reader store I use my current email address and password and I get an error message which reads


      "Your Reader account is associated with another Adobe Id. Please enter correct Adobe Id and Password and try again." I contacted customer services who advised that my previous email address ID had now been removed and my new address associated with my new email address/Adobe ID. When I tried later to log in I got the same message. When I contacted them again they directed me to this forum.


      I got my ereader a number of years ago so its one of the first editions. It was set up when I lived at another address, using another computer and email. When we moved we brought a new computer and set up new email addresses, perhaps i missed a step somewhere along the line but I am having real trouble and can not currently purchase or download any new books rendering my ereader unuseable......any help would be greatly recieved.