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    XML hex 0A

    gretchenhs42 Community Member

      Hello -

      I've been searching the web for a solution to a problem I'm having with the XML output I'm getting this when I setup a button to Email.

      When I open the XML file to view in (Notepad, IE, etc...) there is a hex 0A at the end of the XML tags making them unreadable.

      I also opened the file in Ultra edit and instead of showing the little rectangle, it actually shows a carriage return.


      Here is what I see in Notepad, etc....



      Here is what I see in UltraEdit.


      I need this XML file to be picked up by another program (called Dialogue) so the XML needs to be clean.

      I'm not a programmer, so this is more than I've ever done with one of my forms before, I'm learning as I go along!

      Thank you for any help you can give me.


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          gretchenhs42 Community Member

          I might add, now that's it has been a few days.

          I really don't need this to be emailed anywhere, I just need to get a clean copy of XML out of the form without the returns in it. 

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.