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    Protecting Flex/AIR applications


      do we have an article somewhere, which describes best practices to protect Flex/AIR IP?

      Once I ship something, what are vital points for a product or a library? Which encryption (NitroLM) or obfuscation solutions are available? Do I need to think about this anyway?

      Probably someone could point me to a good starting point.

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          jeremy.moo Level 1
          this is a question we've been tackling as well. So far, our best solution that by-passes any security issues is using simpledb and defining your data objects from the flex app. For example, if you have a social security number in the database that is never seen by anybody except on signup, then don't define the 'column' in the compiled app. We'll have more on this in the coming days, but feel free to poke around smashedapples.com in a week or so when we release a public ami for ec2.