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    Video BUGS / Performance in AIR 3.2 and AIR 3.3 - Not present in AIR 3.1

    NooRotic_x Level 1

      Hi, I can provide more information as needed but here's the short description:


      I have a video app in which my client is providing me with video clips and the app basically just shows the correct video at the right time. When building the app in AIR 3.1, I am able to seek into videos without issue, the videos are able to loop without flickering (older versions of air appeared to have the loop flickering bug), and all is good.


      I upgraded the app to AIR 3.2 and now I am seeing:


      Strange behavior when a video plays through the app completely and loops into the video: During the second and following playback, the video behaves strangely (sometimes video playback is sped up, flickering, stuttering) and this is not consistent.

      Videos are not able to seek to a desired point in time: When attempting to seek, videos will pause, playback will start from 0 and count upwards until the seek point is reached. Then the video will resume.

      White screens flashing when attempting to seek.


      Technical details (I can provide any details on my environment but not on the videos themselves: provided by client):

      • Building the app in Flash Builder 4.6
      • Using Flex 4.6 SDK
      • Tested with AIR 3.2 and AIR 3.3 SDK (baked into Flex 3.6 SDK)


      Even when building and testing the app in AIR 3.1. If the client installs the app with AIR 3.2, all bugs are present.



      App is completely stable and without errors in AIR 3.1