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    Facing pages, individual pages, bleed and workflow.


      Hey everyone. I think I know the answer to my question but wanted to post this before I give up. I've searched the forum a little already.


      So, I'm working on a magazine and I like to layout in facing pages mode for certain two-page spreads. It dosent really provide the visual information I need laying out two page spreads individually. However, my printer needs individual pages each with their own bleed, not like what happens when you export with facing pages, where it includes the opposing page as your left or right bleed.


      If I layout with facing pages and then move to individual, this creates more work in making sure each RHP has bleed on the left and vice versa. If I layout individually and toggle with the facing pages, that dosent quite work right either.


      So is there a way to layout with facing pages and still give each page its own bleed rather than drawing upon elements in the opposing page? Perhaps even a view I can toggle where I can see spreads as I'm working on individual pages?


      Thanks for any insight!