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    Adobe Photoshop: how to create cut lines on landscape letter for two 5 by 7 in images?


      adobe photoshop: how do i create cutting lines in adobe photoshop if my document is landscape 8.5 by 11 inches and the image are two side by side 5 by 7 in (so appearing 10 inches wides, 7 inch height)... so basically this leaves a 0.5 border top/bottom/left right....i need corner crop marks and a little line in the middle top and bottom (in the crop area) to designate where to cut the 10 inches into 2, creating my two 5 by 7 inches for each image... my guidlines are perfectly aligned, i just need to know how to make cut lines out of my guidelines except in the middle

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What I use to do years ago, before most apps had auto crop marks. Was create the guidelines for the margin. Use a line tool, pen tool, etc. and create a line that goes from the guidelines where they meet each other and draw outwards to the edge of the page. Because the line is on the guideline, it snapped to it, making it a straight line. Repeated for the same corner drawing the other direction. (In other words, if I was doing the top left corner, I would draw out to the left, then repeat to draw out to the top of the page).

          Group the two line, copy and flip to snap it to the next corner and repeat until all four corners of the page are done.

          But if you have a postscript printer, acrobat pro, adober illustrator or adobe indesign, they will generate the crop marks for you.


          tip: Do the above while creating an action and your done for the next time. Just run the action. But I reccomend that you set the rules to percentages when creating the guidelines, that way, it can work on more than one image size.