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    iOS Settings

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          I want to invoke my AIR application using custom URI scheme in MAC OS. I made the following entries in *-app.xml

























          The info.plist of my AIR application is not getting updated with the above entries. I am using Flex SDK4.1. What else i have to do to invoke my AIR application from browser ??

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            jrunrandy Adobe Employee

            Have you been able to create other iPhone apps? It could be that you need to upgrade to Flex SDK 4.5.



            Randy Nielsen

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              Nehru.C Level 1

              I upgraded to Flex SDK 4.6 but futile in desktop mac os. Is there anything need to be tried ??

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                We have created an iPhone compatible app in flex. i.e.,













                we used the following icons










                After the installing the app it is showing the icon correctly, but the issue is blank icon is showing while installing.

                Could you please help us here.


                Thanks in Advance

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                  jrunrandy Adobe Employee


                  Please see my suggestions on http://forums.adobe.com/message/4593326#4593326



                  Randy Nielsen

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                    Flo131313 Level 1

                    If you are interested in getting background tasking on iOS/Android when using Stage3D, PLEASE VOTE FOR THE FEATURE REQUEST HERE:


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                      Peter T.R



                      On my case we develop a communication app that need work in background and check each 15 secs messages from a chat server via simple http process, the app work fine on android and playbook but is useless on IOS.


                      We develop the app without know that the app can't work in background on IOS and now we have a major problem because who wants a communication apps that can't work in background?


                      I think this is a important feature that we take for granted in a commercial platform for a company like adobe.


                      I also open a feature request here :





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                        jrunrandy Adobe Employee

                        @Peter T.R.

                        Please check your bug when you get a minute as  one of the Adobe developers has supplied a comment.



                        Randy Nielsen

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                          Peter T.R Level 1

                          Hi jrunrandy,


                          I don't understand why the staff closed the feature request, the explanation that they send isn't the right approach, this option isn't work for a repetitive process in background, this is for a single process, we already check a few time ago and only allow to execute the refresh process one time.


                          If the staff close the feature request in this way this platform will be useless, we will never get a real development platform for a mobile solutions.






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                            Pahup Adobe Employee

                            Hi Peter,



                            That's not possible with even native applications, it's not an AIR runtime limitation. As I said, iOS imposes a time limit on background tasks.




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                              David_Welch Level 1

                              I need to populate the CFBundleDisplayName in order to use an external tool that deploys mobile applications that requires this (IBM Worklight), but, the this isn't allowed (you get an error on the compile for iOS and Android when you try to add to InfoAdditions manually).  How do I populate this CFBundleDisplayName value?  Is it mapped to an existing config in the -app.xml required for Air/mobile?  I opened up the Info.plist that's compliled into a mobile app the .ipa and it's not there.

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                                Pahup Adobe Employee

                                What version of AIR SDK you're using?



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                                  neh@adobe Level 3

                                  CFBundleDisplayName tag is only added to the Info.plist file, if the name tag in the application.xml is localized.

                                  In order to localize the app name, you would need to add <text> tag under <name> tag in app.xml.


                                  For example:   



                                  <text xml:lang="en">English app</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="fr">Fran€ais app</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="de"> Methodenprüfung</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="it">ItalianDebugger</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="pt-BR">PortuguêsDebugger</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="ru">РусскийDebugger</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="es">Espa?olIME</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="ja">日本語Debugger方法テスト</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="ko">한국어AppDebugger</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="zh-CN">中文Debugger测试</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="zh-TW">中文Debugger方法測試</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="cs">ČeštinaDebugger</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="tr">TürkçeInpuyDebugger</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="sv">SvenskaDebuggerApp</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="nl">MethodeDebugger het testen</text>

                                  <text xml:lang="pl">PolskiDebugger</text>