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    Is there a way to directly connect/group a chapter marker to the first frame of a clip?

    DTwo22 Level 1

      I have over 6 hours of SD clips on my timeline.   I ended up having to add more clips throughout the timeline.   I was able to "group" the titles to their respecttive clips so I don't have to deal with moving them when I move their clip.   Now I am curious to know if there is a way to link the Chapter Markers to the first frame of their respective clips so that when I move the clip, so the Chapter Marker moves with it?

      BTW, I know it is best to put the Chapter Markers in last b4 I go on to Encore.   While I was working in Encore I realized it would be more meaningfull to create and add several After Effects "AVI" files between several of my clips.   This work in progress would be a lot easier if I did not have to keep re-adjusting the Chapter Markers everytime I modified the timeline.

      Thanks in advance for your help.