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    Live HDV Captured in Premiere Freezes The Program

    alexdejesus Level 1

      The other night, I captured live video for the first time from a Canon XHA1s direct to computer. I didn't use OnLocation becaause I was unfamiliar with it. The captured files seem to cause problems in Premiere. When I imported them into the project, Premiere froze for a long while with the yellow "Media Pending message"  Afterwards, every time I open the project, I get the same message and it takes forever to clear.


      I also simultaneously recorded to tape, but I understand there is some quality difference. Anyway, I was hoping to save capturing time by going live, but now am losing a couple of days trying to figure out what is wrong. The files are very long - a little over an hour each. I removed the 'live' captured files from the project and the program runs okay with video captured from tape.


      I started a new project with the same files and had the same problem. Project setting is HDV