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    Splitting Clip into Scene and managing everything


      Hello (this is for Adobe Premiere Element 10),


      Can scene be saved somewhere ? i.e. I have a 10 minute video clip which I like to make a movie with. I want to split it into 4 scene and then use these scene in my project.


      The only way I see how to do scene is to bring the whole video in the sceneline, set in/out point then drag again the whole video in the sceneline and set different in/out.


      I would have tought that it be a bit like  lightroom where you make a 'virtual copy' of the video which result in a scene and you then work with that scene.


      Especially since there does not seem to be a  way to put a scene on the side. i.e. you can either delete it completely from the scenline or leave it there. All the training video people have convenient 5-10 sec video clip which does not really reflect reality (at least not mine )


      Am I wrong in thinking this way ?


      thank in  advance



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          The easiest workflow, at least to me, yielding the ultimate quality results, is as follows:


          1. Import the large Clip into your Project, where it will appear in the Project Panel
          2. Dbl-click on it there, to Open it into the Source Monitor
          3. Set the In Point, for the first "sub-clip," and then navigate to the end of where wish that "sub-clip" to end, and set the Out Point
          4. Drag that Instance of the Clip (now seen as the "sub-clip" to the Timeline
          5. Go back to the Source Monitor, and navigate to where you want the next "sub-clip" to begin, setting its In Point, and then navigate to where you wish to have that "sub-clip" end, and set it Out Point
          6. Drag that Instance of the Clip to the Timeline
          7. Repeat for as many "sub-clips," as you need


          That is how most video editors work. PrPro even takes it to a whole new level with the Trim Monitor, for four-point editing.


          Hope that helps, and good luck,




          PS - I put quotes around the lower-case "sub-clips," because in some NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs, there is an official "Sub-Cliip" function, which is similar to what we are doing, but with some major differences. If one were to Google the term "sub-clip," they may well get confused by some of what they found, as PrE does not support the Export of true "Sub-clips."


          Also, one can have many Instances of a Clip, and each can be identical, or can be vastly different, as we are doing above.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            There is another workflow, but it has a few disadvantages.


            One would start, with the Importation of the large Clip into the Project, but then they would drag it to the Timeline directly, and not Open it in the Source Monitor. Then, they would use the WAB (Work Area Bar) to Export/Share segments of that large Clip as a discrete, separate file, to the HDD, with a new, unique name. These will then be Imported into a new Project, as needed.


            The down sides are:


            Time to Export/Share

            Possible quality loss, if the material is compressed

            More HDD real estate is required to store those smaller Clips


            I have used this workflow, but only where I know that I will be using those new AV files, created from the single large Clip, in multiple Projects in the future. When I do this, I Export/Share to a lossless CODEC, such as Lagarith, or UT. Note: file sizes will be very large, but quality is kept at 100%.


            Good luck,



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              Video934875 Level 1

              Thanks Bill,


              I was afraid, this was the only way that one could split a clip into scene.


              I tought we could maybe do manually what the autoanalyzer do. When it is done, there an arrow beside the clip where all the scene are. Then you can select one scene and drag it to timeline.


              I really was hoping for some way to have all of my cutted scene in the project view so that if I decide to remove it from the timeline to try something else I don't lose everything I had done on it.


              I don't want to go the route of saving a actual file as I can see myself drowning in multiple video file   That's why I was hoping for a "virtual copy" to exist.



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                Now, if you had HD footage, there is a good Capture program, HDVSplit, that not only works to Capture HDV footage from a mimiDV tape, but will do Scene Detect, on existing files. However, I do not know all the formats, that it can handle, if any, beyond HDV. Might be worth a look.


                PrPro will allow one to create real Sub-Clips, and that would be what you want, though it is a much more expensive program. The only drawback is that one needs a pretty powerful computer, as Sub-Clips take a lot of resources. Because of the cost difference, I did not bother to mention that option.


                Once you have Cut your "master Clip," you can also just do a Save_As for your Project, giving it a new name, and keep experimenting. Should you wish to go back, just Open your original Project. I use Save_As and Save_As_a_Copy, quite often. They are similar, but different. This ARTICLE goes into more detail.


                Maybe others will have some neat workflow, that will get you exactly what you want.


                Good luck,