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    From pantone color to rgb value




      I'm parsing a single spread, single paged document (newspaper, see my other post) and extracting the content for web use.


      The textFrames of the pages have a fillColor property. I need to extract this color property as well. Some textFrames have a RGB hex fillColor value, but others have Pantone color values. I need to convert those pantone values to rgb (best approximation). The fillColor property of the textFrame is a Swatch object. As far as I know the only way to get the swatch value is to retrieve Swatch.name, so textFrame.fillColor.name. Color (which is a subclass of Swatch) has the property to define the color space and colorValue property. But I see no way of getting from a Swatch object to a Color object, in other words: I have no idea how to get a RGB value from a pantone value. In the InDesign GUI it is possible to


      I read in some other post that someone wrote a script to convert swatches, the link however is dead.


      Does anyone know how to solve this?



      Win2k8 R2 server

      InDesignServer CS5.5

      JavaScript through ExtendScript

      InDesign CS4 document