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    Is a GT 555M worth it for occasional use of Premiere Pro CS5.5?

    icfm Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'd like to ask for advice about a video card for a laptop.


      My situation is that I work mainly in audio editing (Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Audition, etc), and only occasionally work with video (not intensive video editing, but using Premiere Pro CS5.5 to transcode or resize videos for soundtrack work, make showreels, do sound restoration, etc.). I also do some basic image editing in Photoshop.


      In addition to the audio work and infrequent video work, I like to game occasionally (I'm such a slow gamer that none of my games are more recent than 2009!).


      Currently I have a desktop PC that contains a Radeon HD4870 with 1GB RAM. I realise that a laptop will have to be a compromise on horsepower for the sake of mobility. I'm also aware that it would be an opportunity to get an Nvidia card that provides acceleration in Premiere Pro.


      I am currently considering a Clevo-based 15.6" laptop with a 2GB GT555 card. Generally, this seems a reasonable balance of power, mobility and heat (since excessive fan noise will cause problems for audio).


      However, having now read some of the posts on this forum (e.g. http://forums.adobe.com/message/4219956#4219956), I am wondering whether this card is too low-specced (DDR3 RAM, 144 CUDA Cores) to make it worthwhile.


      If it isn't worthwhile, I may as well include Radeon-based laptops in my search.


      As I say, I only work with video occasionally, so a super-powerful card is definitely not worth the investment (and added heat/noise); my dilemma is whether I should even bother with CUDA acceleration given my requirements.


      Thanks in advance for any advice!