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    Webhelp Settings correctly show Output Folder & Start Page, but pubishes a different Start Page.

    Vicki Hagen

      Why, and where else can I look to fix this?


      When I publish a file, it incorrectly opens like this:


      It opens to Charge Entry topic within Charge entry book.


      I would like it to open like this:


        Showing the Workqueue Help Overview page.


      The Properties for the WebHelp (Primary Layout has the Output Folder and Start Page as C:\\Charge Entry - Workqueue\!SSL!\WebHelp\charge_entry_-_workqueue_help_overview.htm

      That is the correct page to show the file I want to show.


      Do you have any suggestion as to where I can go to change it?


      Thanks for any help and/or insight you can give.

      I'm a relatively new RoboHelp user.