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    Flex with php air application


      Hi ,

      I am new in flex.

      Actually i make a flex with php desktop application. There are two problems which i am not getting:


      a.) I make three module which i load on tab navigator click . These mudules working fine . But when i make this project export relese build to make .exe file . These modules not added in installation file.

      i.e after installation i have to copy these modules .swf file in program files where the application installed. So i want to know is there is any method so that module added in the .exe file so that they by default goes at the

      time of installation of exe.


      b.) I use php services in this project and when i insatlled the application to system its not working untill i add the the project service php file and zend frame work folder on user wamp . Is there any method that all these happen by default at the time of insatllation.