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    It works, but... (problems with sound, closed captioning, sudden black screen)

    George the scribe Community Member

      I'm pleased that the converter, which was downloaded a couple of days ago, is basically working. The presentation will play on my iPad. But I'm experiencing problems.


      The problems are:

      • The sound turns on and off, seemingly at random. At first, the imported Powerpoint slides had no sound, but the demo portion did. Then that sound also began starting and stopping, with no apparent logic. At the moment, I'm getting no sound at all.
      • There is no way that I can find to turn on closed captions. This is a feature we will need.
      • Now and then, the presentation stops playing, leaving a black screen with a Play triangle. Clicking on the triangle resumes the presentation. (It is likely that this happens when the presentation hits an imported Powerpoint slide--I haven't seen enough cases to be sure. In any case, it does not happen consistently.)



      I'd be grateful for any advice you can give me. Thanks!


      -- George