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    Help with createPendingItemFunction

    Zolotoj Level 3

      I have a datagrid with paging functionality. Everything works as long as I scroll somewhat slow. But if I scroll very fast ot better yet select first row and then press end it crashes. The error is coming out of the following code:

      public function setItemAt(item:Object, index:int):Object


              if (index < 0 || index >= length)


                  var message:String = resourceManager.getString(

                      "collections", "outOfBounds", [ index ]);

                  throw new RangeError(message);



      which is an SDK code.


      I can manage to not to get an error but then I see that a hlaf on the grids has blank rows.


      Any idea what to do?



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          Zolotoj Level 3

          Here is my code:

          public function handleCreatePendingItemFunction(index:int, ipe:ItemPendingError):Object


                                        numItemsToFetch = pageSize;

                                        var page:uint=Math.floor(index / pageSize);

                                        if (fetchedPages[page] == undefined)


                                                  startIndex=pageSize * page;

                                                  var endIndex:uint=startIndex + pageSize - 1;

                                                  if (endIndex > list.length)


                                                            numItemsToFetch=list.length - startIndex;


                                                  var request:PagedDataRequest = new PagedDataRequestFactory().getPagedDataRequest(startIndex, numItemsToFetch, null, null, request);




                                        return null;


          What happens is when a user is scrolling very fast this code gets executed for more than one page. As a result startIndex is not correct and the grid has blank rows.