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    Computer Freezing using adobe flash player


      Hello, I have been using adobe flash player for a very long time and this issue has only appered recently.

      My computer would freeze for 1-3 mins when I watch youtube or watch streams( pretty much anything that uses adobe flash player)

      at first I thought it was my laptop but found that no one else had this issue and then I realized it might be the flash player ( smart right? )

      I am not sure what I must do to solve this issue please Help. I have the NV53 gateway laptop Windows 7 and I use firefox and google chrome, both had the same issue when watching videos.

      Please help, I never had this issue before and it was only with the recent update of adobe flash player. The freezes are random but when it occurs the screen freezes and the audio is still playing but super slow and it is very loud Please Help thank you!