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    exporting timecodes of words in transcript

    wildheart25c Level 1


         What I'm looking for is an application, where when I give it a video, it gives me back a subtitle file in srt/ssa format. In other words, I'm looking for something that would automate the subtitling process. What I found on Premiere so far is that it can produce the transcript of a video and when I press on any word in the transcript, the time of the word's appearance in the video is shown to me. Ok..not what I'm looking for but I figured it's better than nothing. So I looked for an export function where the output would be a file with two columns. First column is the timecode and second column is the word. It's bascially the transcript section itself only instead of clicking on the word to read the time code, this one shows me ALL the timecodes. No such luck.


      So, can anyone help me? Can premiere (or encore or onlocation or story as all these have been recommended) do this for me? Does it have an export function? All I want is to reduce the number of hours I spend subtitling a two hour movie. That's it!


      Thank you.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          To the best of my knowledge, there are no Adobe apps that can generate the needed .scc file for subtitles.  You'll need to look elsewhere for the creation of those files.


          Google is a good place to start.

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            wildheart25c Level 1

            Hi and thank you for the reply. Google hasn't helped me at all finding the application I want. The easiest app that allows me to manually select the starting and ending times of a text line is Aegisub. I have worked with subtitle workshop and subtitle edit as well.


            So you're telling me that premiere has no export function that produces the transcript and the timecodes of each word right?


            Any other applications you can think of? Is it really possible that no one was able to write an application that reads and audio stream and present me with timecodes of lines? Not even an app that reads the wave and simple prints the starting and ending time of each wave?


            The closest I've come so far is premiere. But the time I save manually selecting timecodes I end up spending going through the entire transcript pressing on specific words and entering the timecodes of the words, that mark the starting and ending of a line, into Aegisub.


            No other apps? Really? T-T


            For once I'm willing to buy something online and I was hoping that this software would be available. Are we really doomed to creating subtitles manually? Nothing automated about the process >.<

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I don't have any experience myself with third-party subtitling apps.  Someone else will have to chime in if they have any info.


              But my gut feeling here is that you're stuck doing things manually, like everyone else.