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    Install Badge fails.

      Im having a lot of problems getting the install badge feature to work. I've downloaded the examples from http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/articles/air_badge_install.html but that's about as far it gets.

      If I run either of the examples as they are, none of them work.
      If I change the application url to point to my own URL, none of them work.

      The only results I've had so far are "Error #1009" displayed below the install badge, and an alert box informing me that I should go and download the runtime again. This was not the solution.

      Im using Vista Business, and both Firefox and IE fail to run the install badge properly. I've heard a few other people mention install badge problems with Vista, but can't seem to find any concrete information.

      Anyone got any ideas?
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          Most likely configuration errors, although there isn't enough detail in your post to know for sure.

          I recommend you start with the revised badge now on labs; see http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/AIR_Badge. It's somewhat easier to configure and behaves better than the older one included in the SDK.

          Hope that helps,
          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            Regarding the newer badge install:

            I'm having a few issues where it's not seeing my application already installed (AIR app with Flex).
            The application is definitely installed but it keeps opening the .AIR file and asking to open/save.

            Does the AIR app have to be signed properly (i.e. a real certificate, paid for) to be able to fully work with the badge installer?

            I have set everything correctly in Flex (allowBrowserInvocation: set to true)
            and in the HTML I've set it to correctly based on what is in my Flex file (appid, appversion, name, etc)

            I've set airversion to "1.0".... what is 1.0.M6 ? (is this Beta 3?)

            I haven't set "pubid" to anything, just left as ""... would this affect the way the badge works?

            Could I request an update to the badge system... as it's doing a lot of checking for Beta3.
            It would be much better and cleaner if it just looked for the current AIR version and then if it was not present installed it.
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              Arno Gourdol Adobe Employee
              You can use either a self-generated certificate or a chained certificate. Both works However, you should specify the actual pub id for your app. The pub id (or Publisher Identifier) is derived from the certificate you use to sign your app and uniquely identifies it. You can identify the pubid of an installed application by reading the air.NativeApplication.nativeApplication.publisherID property.

              See http://livedocs.adobe.com/air/1/devappshtml/help.html?content=distributing_apps_3.html#103 7783 for more details.
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                Dr. Fred Mbogo Level 1

                Originally posted by: seanlailvaux

                what is 1.0.M6 ? (is this Beta 3?)

                That's right; it means Milestone 6 along the way to 1.0, which is the SDK included with the last beta. You are correct to change it to 1.0.