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    ant mxmlc - how to copy dependent files

    Pham Huy Anh



      Flash Builder compiler by default copy those files. In the ".actionScriptProperties" file, i see this:


      <compiler additionalCompilerArguments="-services &quot;C:/ADEP Data Services for Java EE 4.6/tomcat/webapps/dataservices-samples/WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml&quot; -locale=en_US" autoRSLOrdering="true" copyDependentFiles="true" flexSDK="Flex 4.6.0" fteInMXComponents="false" generateAccessible="false" htmlExpressInstall="true" htmlGenerate="true" htmlHistoryManagement="true" htmlPlayerVersionCheck="true" includeNetmonSwc="false" outputFolderPath="bin-debug" removeUnusedRSL="true" sourceFolderPath="src" strict="true" targetPlayerVersion="0.0.0" useApolloConfig="false" useDebugRSLSwfs="true" verifyDigests="true" warn="true">


      My question is: "with mxmlc (Ant version in my case), is there an option for that? (Or must I copy those files by myself, it is simple though)




      P/S: BTW, is there some sort of document which map FlashBuilder compiler option to mxmlc option?