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    Title tool and dynamic link to AE

    EditorPete Level 1

      Hi all,

      Why is it when I right click my tile clip on the timeline, genterated from PrP, and select Replace with After Effects composition, all I get in AE is a black Comp. I can do it with video just fine. Wondering if the title tool isn't compliant with Dynamic Link?


      I have even nested 3 layers of type from the tilte tool and right clicked the nest, sent it to AE and all my motion effects with keyframes come accros, but no type. Just black.




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          lasvideo Level 4

          If you want titles that need to be in AE, is probably best to build them in AE. I dont think you can do what you are trying to do.

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            EditorPete Level 1

            Understand the point about building type in AE, but wouldn't it be nice if after you design your video with text flying around...you need just that extra little flare? I can do it with my video clips, why not title tool clips? I guess I'm just wondering if it can be done. If not I will make a request.




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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              This is just some speculation on my part, but going way back (when TitleDeko was dropped for the present condition), the Titles in PrPro are actually XML language in the PRPROJ file, and do not exist as real Assets - just a set of instructions.


              If you were to Save a Title, as a Template, that will be a PRTL file, which can only be opened in PrPro - not AE, not AI and not PS.


              Again, just thinking about why what you want might be difficult, as it is, without some multi-step workarounds.


              Yes, it would be nice to just sling 'em back and forth, but that would probably mean a complete rewrite of the Titler, and how it works.


              Good luck,



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                EditorPete Level 1

                Thanks Bill,

                Your answer seems to be on track. My work around try..... I am going to build my text in PS first, animate, position and mask accordingly in PrP, then if needed send the clip to AE. We'll see!



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                  EricSanders_ Adobe Employee

                  Hi there,


                  As it happens only PPro 'knows' how to render the titles as Bill surmises. The way to kinda do what you want is to put the title + effects etc into a standalone sequence in a separate project (.prproj), import that sequence from the standalone project into AE and do what you like, then import the AE project + comp into PPro, and then use that into original place where you had the title. I do this sometimes in my own work, as it allows PPro to render the title itself, then add my AE special sauce, and have the two rendering into a final PPro project. The issue is PPro and DynamicLink is trying to avoid rendering recursion. Arguably though this is a great feature request.




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                    lasvideo Level 4

                    EditorPete. I rather like your creative solution to this limitation. It sounds like it should work just fine.

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                      EditorPete Level 1

                      Thanks all, for the enlightening comments.....I've also done some more research and seems like this has been discussed before.




                      Also, when you ask "what is the obstruction" the answer is.....After Effects.


                      The underlying code for After Effects is rumored to be very stale (again, "rumored") and so there's not an awful lot of ability to alter the code very much to support something like that. It would be handled by a plug in if anything, and since After Effects already has fairly capable titling abilities, along with the ability to import Photoshop files (another place to create titles) and Dynamic Link to PPro sequences, there's not an awful lot of incentive to devote time to creating the appropriate plugin to get PPro titles natively into AE.


                      Again, there's been plenty of rumor/speculation on this matter, based on the accounts of folks around the web who have previously worked closely on the development of AE. It's a rather old app, lots of old code and most of the people who built it out early on are no longer around, so making sense of some things in order to alter them is a bit difficult.


                      Mainly, After Effects is such a critical app for many production facilities and it works so well right now, that to go in there and start screwing around with it in a major way could be very offputting (see Apple's FCPX development for an example of what I mean by this).


                      Probably need to add the word "rumor" one more time just to cover my butt. Anyway, put in a feature request, but don't expect Adobe proper to find this solution for you. A 3rd party developer might put together a PPro title plugin for AE if they thought they could make a few bucks, but even still, you'd probably be looking at a workflow that required you to export your PPro titles out of PPro as .PRTL files and then import them into AE. Would save some time for people like you, but many other folks just create their titles in AE or Photoshop to begin with, or uses Dynamic Link once they've assembled their titles inside PPro in order to get them out of PPro into one of the other apps.