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    Relative file path/folder (AppleScript)


      How do I set a folder as a realtive path to where the script is running??  

      is there any easy way like in unix, starting without / ?

      or for example






      seems that path to me is the only way...


      is there an easy way to change posix paths to applescript??


      I have this code:


      tell application "Finder" to set templateFile to (container of (path to me) as string) & "Graficas FINAL ADQAT.ai"


      with this error:

      error "No se ha encontrado el archivo Macintosh HD:Users:Vibra:Desktop:Graficas FINAL ADQAT.ai." number -43 from "Macintosh HD:Users:Vibra:Desktop:Graficas FINAL ADQAT.ai"


      the file is there how I change the filepath to be compatible with applescript??