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    Cross network folder access IIS/User question

    bduffy323 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm new to indesign (this year) which is why I feel as if I am the only one still using a PC and not a MAC. Which brings me to my issue of what user does the client machine connect to a shared folder located on a server as?


      On a MAC all I need to do is mount the server and use the pathname Volumes/foldername/... and I can access the files no problem. However, with a PC when I am on the same network as the server I needed to add my computer name and password to the shared folder in order to access the files and when I am not located in the same network as the server I cannot access the folder. Does anybody know what group/user will need to be added to my shared folder on the server in order to allow me to access it from outside the local network?


      The out of network addess I am using is: external IP/sharedFolderName/filename.jpg