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    XML Parsing


      Hi All,

      I have question about parsing XML files....

      I have to create a text-like-page that will also have some graphics, images, tables (like an HTML table) some text and a few links. And the content of this page is "described" by an XML file.

      I wrote an XML parser that takes this XML file and generates the content of the page using flex components.

      However, some pages are huge and it takes several seconds to parse the XML file and then generate the content of the page. 

      So I'm not quite sure this is the best solution to what it is I need to do. Maybe this will work well with small pages/files but with really big ones it looks like this isn't the best solution.

      I was wondering if maybe generating pages (generating mxml files) programmatically, then parsing those files to render pages, would help to improve the speed.

      Another aproach would be to use a TextArea object to write the content of the page. This would work for me, and I would also be able to use some of the HTML tags.

      The problem is that I need to generate simple tables and TextArea won't do that...

      Anyone has any ideas how to speed such process? (generating content of the page based on the info provided in XML file).