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    Issue with new update


      After the update I can't see all the top 2/3 of any page in any document!


      Also: please make insertable bookmarks for any PDF document, otherwise the app is useless in reading big files

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          Pat Wibbeler techies

          Hi Kollers, a couple of questions:

          What type of device (iphone, touch, ipad?) and size?

          Which OS?

          Is this EVERY PDF or just some?


          Is it possible to share the PDF with me? If so, I can send you a message with my email address.





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            Gaurav Jain (GJ) FormerEmployees

            Hi Kollers,


            Could you also try switching between the 'Single page' and 'Continuous' viewing modes to see if the problem only occurs in one mode?  Thanks.



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              kollers Community Member


              Tried, doesn't help.



              iPhone 4 32Gb, iOS 5.1 not jailbroken

              Happens to every pdf file: for the files that I had already in the program and viewed them yesterday, and for the newly loaded files.

              What happens is - I see the blinking of the screen (feels like something is refreshing every second), then when it stops I either don't see a whole page or don't see 80% of the page (in continuous mode) / 80% on top of the page (single page mode). The files opened FROM adobe pdf in other applications are shown well.

              One of the files is big - Nikon D80 Manual, the others are just several pages files.

              I can share screenshots what it looks like.


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                Gaurav Jain (GJ) FormerEmployees

                Hi Kollers,


                Thanks a lot for sharing the details and the screenshots.  We think you're likely hit a bug, and we're investigating the issue.


                Appreciate your feedback.