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    PE 10 - Organiser problem


      When I import photos into the Organiser the files are only showing as an hourglass when they are viewed on the thumbnails option. If I open them individually the photo can be viewed. It happens for both JPEG and RAW files. This started happening after I'd been using PE 10 for a few weeks and I don't think I've changed any settings, can't get it back to show all photos as thumbnails again! Help!

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Press F5 to refresh thumbnails. Or

          Try pressing Ctrl+A (to select all) and then refresh again (Edit à Update Thumbnails). If that makes no difference you may need to regenerate the cache.


          1. Close Organizer.

          2. Navigate to C: ProgramData/Adobe/Elements Organizer/Catalogs/My Catalog

          3. Find the file - thumb.5.cache

          4. Highlight the file and delete it.

          5. Re-start Elements Organizer

          6. Wait until all thumbnails have been generated.

          N.B. your catalog is normally called “My Catalog” if you have chosen a different name (it will be shown bottom left of the Organizer) navigate to the appropriate folder.

          ProgramData may be a hidden system file: