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    How do I get the difference of time and/or date using JavaScript?


      Hi All,


      I have four user text entry values (Date and Time) which require a difference to be performed on them.  The results would be put into a fifth text box named "Burn_Time". The entries are

      Start_Date, Start_Time, Stop_Date, and Stop_Time.


      How do I calculate the elapsed time between the entries?  For ease of calculations I surmised putting the values in 24 hour format would be helpful (not sure if this is true or not).


      Here is an example:

      Start_Date = 2012-04-10

      Start_Time = 10:00

      Stop_Date = 2012-04-12

      Stop_Time = 10:00

      Burn_Time = 48 (hours).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!