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    How do I hide sub menus in Dreamweaver CS5.5?

    VickiA95124 Community Member

      Hi - I'm at the very beginning of sorting out my first web site in Dreamweaver CS5.5. I'm using a vertical menu with sub menus. The submenus are permanently visible. I was earlier able to make them only appear when you roll over them with a mouse...but the sub menus then stuck way out into the next column. 


      What I'd like is to have submenus that are hidden until you roll over them with a mouse. I'd like the submenus to be indented slightly from the main menu (like they are now, except that they're not hidden right now).


      I seem to have changed a preference in Dreamweaver, because now when I delete the vertical menu and start all over again, I end up with the same formatting in my new menu. I can no longer end up with a hidden submenu items at all when I insert a vertical menu. I can create a horizontal menu with hidden submenu items, however, so I don't think I've changed the preference related to horizontal menus.


      Thanks so much for your help with this!