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    Workflow between Flash Professional and Flash Builder


      I'm new to using Flash Builder as an AS3 editor for Flash Pro projects.  I've followed multiple tutorials on the workflow between the two but keep hitting a snag.


      Linking the .fla and the .as seems to work without any problem...the issue comes in when I try to "export a movieclip for actionscript" in flash, then try to edit that movieclip using flash builder. Flash builder loads up as expected, and the create a new actionscript class dialog shows up.  All of the proper data is filled in but the "Finish" button is greyed out.  If I browse to set the package to the default and click OK it displays an error at the top of the dialog saying "Super class flash.display.MovieClip cannot be resolved for the selected project."  This happens any time I enter "flash.display.MovieClip" in the Superclass field when creating a new Class or attempt to edit the class definition of a MovieClip in the .fla library.  Why is it not recognizing references to flash.display.MovieClip? Concidering most of my actionscripting will need to reference movieclips, this is a pretty big issue. Any idea what could be casuing this....a google search proved useless.