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    How to make use of air3.3 sdk


      Dear all,


      Atracted by the new features of air 3.3 sdk, I tried to start work with it. It seems fine when I debug, but totally mess up if I release a iOS package. Button doesn't react SOMETIMES, application gets down, popup window cannot get focused. A lot of problems while it works in debug mode.

      I doubt whether get along with it properly.

      Here are how I do:

      1) make a copy of current 4.6.0 folder under [FB4.6 install path]\sdks and rename it to 4.6withAir3.3

      2) unzip the downloaded .zip file and extract to the new folder

      3) Add a new SDK in FB preference pointing to 4.6withAir3.3

      4) config my project to use the new SDK


      Would anybody tell me whether I did correctly? Why does the new SDK not release package as expected?