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    Form export duplicated as multiple rows in xml export to Excel.


      I created a form using Lifecycle Designer ES 8.2, and distributed it to Acrobat.com using Adobe Pro v9 Form Tracker (Adobe User Rights were enabled first). I am receiving completed returned forms OK in Adobe, but when I export data to xml and import into Excel, each form is being duplicated multiple times as seperate rows in Excel (as many as 30 times!) as well as new columns being added that are not represented by fields in my original form. The new columns have headings like  "ns1:APIVersion" or "style" or ns1:spec", and the data under these headings is different in each duplicate row for the same form (whereas data for my form fields stays the same across all rows for each form represented).


      I have created and used many Adobe forms and not come across this before. Any idea what's going on?

      Thxs, Leonie