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    Editable Snippet- It is possible?




      I'm Avishekh Das. I am trying to create a snippet that can be edited. For example, what I need is a table with 1 row and 2 columns. In the first column, I want an image (any note image) and the second column (note column, where I can add a note) should be blank.


      I need to insert this template in a topic multiple times, so that I can add a note in the blank cloumn.


      I have created a snippet for this, but when I insert the snippet, and click on the table to edit it, all other text in the topic disappears and the snippet relocates to the top of the topic. Is an editable snippet possible?


      The only other way I found to do this is to insert an HTML code for a table at the places I want in the HTML editor.


      Is there any way out?