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    use FMS AutoCloseIdleClients But invalid


      Help, Help

      I use the FMS3.0.1,I want to keep the user's client on the FMS that i can call client's function.

      I'm sure that i never change the Server.xml,Vhost.xml,Application.xml.

      The AutoCloseIdleClients default value is closed, user's client will not be closed.But in my application,the user client will be closed by a few times.I don't know why?

      So i changed the Server.xml to enabled the AutoCloseIdleClients,and set the CheckInterval values 10000 and MaxIdleTime values 72000.

      But the question is still exist!Why?


      I want to ask the other question:

      Whether the configuration files priority like this:

      app's Application.xml > server's Application.xml > VHost.xml > Server.xml?




      Why nobody can help me?