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    Chinese and Korean characters not displaying in navigation pane


      I have an issue with Chinese and Korean characters not displaying on the tabs in the navigation pane: NavTab.png


      I have 2 RoboHelp projects (using RoboHelp 8 with the updates installed) to generate WebHelp, one in Simplified Chinese, the other Korean. The HTML files, .HHC and .HHK were sent out for translations. I have set the appropriate language in the project settings, everything almost works, except for the text on the Contents, Index, and Search tabs. (I'm not using a skin.) I have read in various threads that the lng file should be edited using the RoboHelp interface, and this seems to be the crux of the problem. The characters do not display correctly through the RoboHelp UI.



      The computer on which I generate the WebHelp is Windows Server 2003, and I do not have the language packs installed. (And am having problems getting hold of the language packs to install to see if this fixes the problem.)


      Aside from installing the language packs, is there anything else I can try to help resolve the problem? (The characters in the content are displaying as expected.)


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated